Job Description for Junior Network Engineer-:

Responsible for installing, setting up, maintaining, and supporting networking, VoIP, and Cloud infrastructure. Set up and maintain the network and documentation. Provide technical support for data and voice network systems. Monitor and maintain Hardware (at the office and DC) including but not limited to servers, routers, CCTV, laptop, cabling, and Software standards. Work on projects to support customers, support implementation of cloud infrastructure projects, set up and upgrade new and/or improved equipment, or other networking projects. The engineer must work closely with ISP/DC, Upstream providers and vendors. He/she is responsible to response, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that have been escalated by the customer including network/equipment issues at customer site

In addition, this candidate will deploy Cloud Infrastructure projects along with other Cloud Engineers. The candidate is responsible for implementing networking settings for Cloud Infrastructure in the customer sites. He/she should coordinate with Customer engineers to solve any customer’s networking issue. The candidate also needs to be able to use the networking features in Cloud.

Skills and Experiences
● Minimum One (1) year Networking experience
● Minimum One (1) year Servers/Data Center Operations/Maintenance
● Experience in IT infrastructure and virtualization platforms.
● Proficient with Routers & Switches (hands-on)
● Working knowledge of OSPF, GRE Tunnel, VPN, BGP
● Knowledge of Asterisk/freeswitch PBX is preferred
● Certification in Networking Technology is highly desirable
● Experience working with OpenStack technology and/or in Cloud (Public/Private) environment is preferred
● Available to go to the Data Center in short notice
● Able to develop and present technical solutions and configurations for infrastructure as a service (Iaas)
● Ability to work together in a team-setting environment
● Good Personal skill to engage directly with IT and/or executives to understand the key challenges
● Good communicator, Detail Oriented, accurate and thorough
● Self motivated and sharp focus on goals and KPI
● Must be able and willing to travel (including international travel) as needed, and must have a valid Passport
● Able to work night and weekends as required by supervisor
● Fast learner of new products and technology rolled out by Aplika

Job posting will be closed on 31-JAN-2022.

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