Differences between a Video And Web Conferencing

Differences between a Video And Web Conferencing

Most of the peoples ask the differences between a video & web conferencing. All types of web & video conferencing include both an audio & visual connection. Which is best for you depends on the objectives of your meeting? Here we outline the major types of online audio & video collaboration.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing provides high-quality visual communication by an audio & visual link-up among two or more people. It needs a specific setup including a camera, TV & phone that can be costly & cannot be moved around effortlessly. Participants simply turn into video conference to communicate with other face-to-face. A host of the conference can share their screen & other pertinent resources.

Live camera stream permits speakers to interact with each other in a way that greatly resembles a conventional face-to-face meeting atmosphere, though with time-saving feature of online conferencing. Video conferencing is much beneficial for discussion type collaborations & meetings.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is, in fact, a blanket term for various forms of online meetings or collaborations, including webinars & webcasts. Web conferencing is less expensive than video conferencing & permits you to collaborate from anywhere you are in the globe. All you need is a laptop or computer with a suitable internet connection & a webcam.

Following Are Few of Ways; You Can Utilize Web Conferencing In Business:


A webcast is a kind of web conferencing which comprises a one-way communication & is non-interactive. A host presents information by an audio stream & might use visual aids including screen sharing, power points, & videos with other visual aids. Every participant or member connects to host’s webcast by their own device or computer.

Webcasts are an excellent way to hold the presentation with multiple viewers. They are beneficial for giving demonstrations, training & providing explanations on company performance. A webcast communication is normally given live but also set up for an on-demand viewing.


A webinar is a kind of web conference that permits for more collaboration. Webinars allow the host to provide an interactive presentation, where communication is probable among all members through whiteboard & live chat features.

Surveys & Polls, content-sharing & Question & Answer sessions feature also help communication among large groups. It is conceivable to share videos, stream audio, documents & applications with other members during the webinar.

Webinars are extremely flexible & useful tools for collaborating & presenting projects & information. You could work on projects in real time without a team having to be present in the same location.

 Which Is Correct For You?

It is vital to understand that there is no single most excellent web conferencing solution. Rather, you must think about the objective & structure of your conference & select the choice that will assist you to hold an efficient & productive conference.

•    If you need to hold a non-interactive presentation in which you will be the only speaker then a webcast is the best choice.

•    If you want to collaborate on document or project, then a webinar will work great.

•    If the price is not an issue & you only ever need to conference from one location, then prefer video conferencing.

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