Google Enters Video Conferencing Market With Chromebox for Meetings Kit

Dell has recently launched its Chromebox for Meeting kit. The USD $999 kit is a” video conferencing solution out of the box” said Kell Hodges, brand experience manager at Dell.

The Chromebox for Meeting kit will ship September 26 through Dell’s website and sales channels, though the company didn’t specify countries in which it would be available. It is a souped-up version of the low-cost Chromebox with a Core i7 processor and a version of the Chrome OS for video conferencing.

The spec for Chromebox for Meeting includes a 16GB SSD (Solid State Drive), Gigabit Ethernet, Fast WiFi connection, Bluetooth, four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and DisplayPort display ports, and 1080p webcam. This spec should be good enough for fast and easy to use video conferencing.

The kit uses Google Hangout technology. It can hook up to TVs and monitors, and up to 15 people can log in through smartphones, tablets, and PC. A back-end management console can create meetings, invite participants, and give users privileges to create or join meetings. A remote control that ships with the box has a mini-QWERTY keyboard and can be used to add users to meetings or to mute participants.

Chromebox Dell

When will we see this Dell Chromebox come to Indonesia? We hope soon. We hope that this Dell Chromebox Indonesia will revolutionize video conferencing in this country.

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