5 Features of Call Center Software That Improve Customer Reliability

Features of Call Center Software That Improve Customer Reliability

A recent survey found that as customer satisfaction with a call center increases so does customer reliability. It is therefore important that companies aiming to improve customer reliability give top-notch customer service. This needs hiring the right call center agents, training them optimally & equipping them with the tools they require to execute perfectly. Here are some features of call center software that improve customer reliability:

1. Easy-to-use IVR:

When your customers call in searching for an answer to their question they do not want to get caught in an IVR vortex. They want to get in & get out. Configure your multi-level IVR in such a way that customers can efficiently navigate it to answer their own questions, or speak with an experienced agent directly. Reducing friction during their first communication with your company will go a long way to improving customer satisfaction & reliability.

2. Skills-Based Routing:

When callers choose that they want to speak to an agent, ensure they speak to the right agent with skills-based routing. Are they calling regarding purchasing your new product? With skills-based routing, they will be directed to the sales agent skilled to sell that product. If calling from France then transfer them to an agent fluent in French. Skills-based routing will make sure that all customers are transferred to an agent who is able to meet their requirements. It considerably reduces handle time, transfers & customer frustration, all of which increase customer satisfaction & reliability.

3. VIP Routing:

When your VIP customers call in, give them the dealing they deserve. With VIP routing, they will skip the waiting queue & be routed to your best agent. This shows the caller that they are valued & will permit your team to offer them with the personalized service they deserve. Keep your top customers reliable & coming back for more with VIP routing.

4. Automatic Caller Information Screen Pop:

Routing customers to the most suitable agent is a great first step in providing incredible support. Take customer service to the next level with the call center software that displays the caller’s information in the browser as they call. With automatic caller information screen pop, your team will know everything about the customer prior to they even answer the phone. This will permit your agents to give a more personalized experience to every customer.

5. Real-time Analytics & Reports:

For any call center, analytics & reports are very much significant to measure present performance, find improvement area & improvisation. The reports play the main role in decision making. Real-time analytics & reports can offer minute level details in real time to the management & supervisors to keep close eyes over the performance of the agents & make sure they are providing the best customer experience to the callers.

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