How Cloud PBX Solution Streamline Your Business

How Cloud PBX Solution Streamline Your Business

Nowadays, times are quite tough for many businesses. The recent economic news indicates that Indonesia economic growth has stagnated to around 5.1% in Q3 2017. That is why avoiding long-term & cost-cutting liabilities have become an essential focus. One of these main costs is telecommunications – everybody wants access to a telephone and every business requires a telephone system which streamlines their work-flow. This means maintaining & installing an expensive PBX (Private Branch Exchange), right? Wrong! There is a more affordable, an easier & much less risky method to keep your business connected – it is called Cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX is a cloud-based phone system which is telecommunications future for business. You can even call it an internet phone system since it is based on the similar technology. What is the Cloud? The Cloud can be utilized synonymously with the Internet. Consider about how you store data now – on your PC’s hard drive, a flash disk, on an external hard drive, or even a DVD or CD. However, have you noticed the slight shift to storing things online? The most understandable example is an application such as Google Mail – dissimilar a traditional email application such as Microsoft Outlook that stores your emails on your PC or computer, Gmail stores them ‘out there’, in the Cloud. Evermore, we are storing information here, rather than on the physical data storage devices & this is known as the Cloud Computing. It looks like an abstract concept, but keep in mind that the Cloud is not ethereal nothingness. Actually, your data is stored on enormous servers, often referred to as the server farms. For example, Google has numerous super-secure server farms that store all your Google & Gmail Docs data.

The Cloud PBX solution:

•    With the Cloud PBX solution, there is no cost of maintenance or ownership – a conventional PBX is a substantial investment (all that hardware) and there are ongoing maintenance costs like repairs & upgrades.

•    A Cloud PBX solution is easy to upgrade & maintain – if you want to upgrade or add new extensions to the hardware or software on a conventional PBX, you be required to call out a technician. This was not only costly but also the time-consuming. However, updates to your Cloud PBX solution are automatic & occur in the cloud.

•    A Cloud PBX solution isn’t geographically bound – with a conventional PBX, moving offices is an actual schlep; you be required to uninstall your telephone system, move PBX hardware & re-install on other side & also requires costly technician! However, with a Cloud PBX solution, you can just unplug your IP handset, move & plug it in a new destination.

•    A Cloud PBX would not become redundant – when your previous PBX is outdated & cannot handle any more extensions or upgrades then what do you do? That is right – purchase another (more expensive) one! It’s not so with the Cloud PBX solution, that is hardware-free & is repeatedly evolving for your advantage.

•    Cloud PBX solution is scalable – this means that it is so easy to insert extra extensions. When you want to add capacity, just order another IP handset & add this new extension. You merely plug the handset into any network point in your office! You do not need any technician!

•    A Cloud PBX solution saves on telephone bill – calls among any national branches in your business are free.

•    A Cloud PBX solution frees up space – with no that big, bulky PBX box sitting in the server room or reception area, you have space for something method more significant!

•   A Cloud PBX Solution comes with a variety of local number selection in Indonesia. For instance, we have local number in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bogor, Denpasar (Bali) and many other cities in Indonesia.

PT Aplika Karya Solusi Bisnis is a provider of business communication services based in Indonesia. We provide global conferencing solution, video conferencing services, Hosted Call Center, session border controller, Virtual PBX and other telecommunication solutions for business of all sizes. Please contact us at sales [at] aplikabisnis [dot] com or 021-2986-6186 for any needs for Cloud PBX needs in Indonesia.

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