Why Virtual PBX Is Here to Stay

Why Virtual PBX Is Here to Stay

First of all, you might be thinking what a virtual PBX is. PBX stands for private branch exchange, or a telephone exchange system that serves one business. PBX was initially introduced so organizations could manage their phone systems via in-house operators. Today, instead of just connecting calls, PBX systems also connect computer modems, fax machines and other types of technology that transmit via phone lines. Here are the reasons why Virtual PBX is here to stay:

Ease of installation

Although there will still be challenges when it comes to setting up and installing your Virtual PBX, it generally is easier to set up compared to a proprietary system.  Most of the time, a proprietary system will require a professional trained on that specific system to set it up. A Virtual PBX can often be set up by someone with a networking background, especially if getting assistance from your Virtual PBX provider.

Less expensive

A cloud-based PBX can make the use of VOIP for calls. This means that all calls, mainly out of country calls, become much cheaper. Also, since these systems are a bit easier to handle, you can save money on the administration of the system.

Improved Versatility

Virtual PBX systems allow for more versatility in various ways. First of all, moving a phone from one place to another is quite easy. This allows for employees to move more easily around the office if required. Cloud-based communications are also very scalable. Want to add a few new phones? No worries! It’s now quite easy with a Virtual PBX.

Business Continuity

Unlike a legacy phone system, a Virtual PBX has the ability to maintain access to communication in the face of a disaster or any power outage. That is, unforeseen events won’t take your business offline, which in turn, boasts decreased productivity lulls.

Robust features

A Virtual PBX allows businesses to integrate web-based interactions with telecommunications. That is, remote employees can easily access their organization’s communication tools. Just for example web conferencing or instant chat. No matter their location so long as they have Internet accesses. Moreover, a virtual PBX augments customer service interactions as users can call businesses by simply clicking a button on a site – means, the phone call is transmitted virtually.


A Virtual PBX system can be counted on to connect every call without lapses, delays or lagging response time in call quality. You can count on the clear reception of each call, as the web-based telephone is touted for its enhanced quality over that of traditional PSTN connection.

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